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Empire Earth Trainer

Yet more GOG game trainers!  Up this time is Empire Earth from gog.com.  I played through this just after a runthrough of Age of Empires, and found it to be very similar, although having just been through AOE 1, ROR, and AOE2 I didn't play EE for very long.  I think I only got through the English campaign.  But, even in that brief time, I came up with the following features:

  1. Free purchases
  2. Don't take damage
  3. Fast build
  4. Infinite mana for priests
  5. Infinite civpoints

Civilization III Steam Edition Trainer

I've always loved the Civ series of games, and Civ 3 was no exception.  Yes, it appears unusual for me to train a game that didn't come from gog.com, but (hopefully) in the days to come you'll get used to seeing a line of Steam game trainers from me as well.  Anyway, here's what I've got:

  1. Infinite movement points
  2. Invulnerable combat units
  3. Don't lose grain, ever.
  4. Don't reset research progress to zero after completion
  5. Remove 4-turn limit on research
  6. Faster workers (one-turn improvements, mostly)
  7. Infinite bombing missions
  8. Don't reset shields after build progress is complete

Spellforce Platinum Edition Trainer

Next up for training is Spellforce Platinum Edition from gog.com.  Here's the feature list:

  1. Infinite HP and mana
  2. Infinite resources
  3. Infinite ability points
  4. Infinite stat points
  5. Always have 10k resources

Lords of the Realm II Trainer

So, after a long hiatus, I'm finally going to post a bunch of trainers!  The first is Lords of the Realm II from gog.com.  Here's the feature list:

  1. Set cash to user-entered amount
  2. Free market purchases
  3. Free armies
  4. Free army movement
  5. Get 100k resources of each type
  6. Clicking a county (that you own) gets you 150k grain in that county
  7. Get 100x army men per peasant expended to create an army

Evil Genius Trainer

It's been a while since I last posted, but I've been busy in the meantime.  One of the games freshly trained is Evil Genius from gog.com, which I found to be amusing enough I played it through three times (once as each villain).  As usual a trainer has resulted from that play time.  Here's the scoop:

  1. Friendly units invincible (since v1)
  2. Never lose money (well, gold bars) (v1)
  3. Harder for agents to gather heat (v1)
  4. Hovering agents makes them want to leave (v1)
  5. Fill strongrooms after move (v2)
  6. Instantly complete missions on the main map (v3)

Heritage of Kings (The Settlers 5) Trainer

February seems to be a good month for trainers.  I'm feeling the need to burn through the backlog of games I've accumulated over the Christmas season - and this week's game was Heritage of Kings - The Settlers from gog.com.  Features are:

  • Invulnerable units and buildings (since version 1)
  • Fast build (v1)
  • Fast upgrades (v1)
  • Infinite Resources (v1)
  • Hovering over resources increases amount available (v1)
  • Same as above, but decreases (v1)

Warlords Battlecry 3 Trainer

Another month, another trainer.  This time, the victim is Warlords Battlecry 3.  Here's what I've got:


  • Freeze all resources at 2,000 (since version 1)
  • Invulnerable units (v1)
  • Infinite Stat/Skill Points (v1)
  • Set Cash (v1)
  • Fast Upgrades (v3)
  • Fast Research (v3)
  • Fast Manufacture (v3)
  • Fast Build (v3)
  • Player's units get max level instantly (built) or upon first kill (summoned) (v4)
  • 10 or 100 statpoints per click (v5) - SEE NOTE
  • 10 or 100 skillpoints per click (v5) - SEE NOTE
  • Instant spell recovery (v6)


The Guild Gold Trainer

With the new year comes another new trainer.  I've lately been playing The Guild Gold Edition (aka Europa 1400) from gog.com, and here's what I've whipped up so far.  You can get the trainer and the cheat table below.

  1. Free abilities at character creation time
  2. Max abilities by viewing character sheet in family tree
  3. Set AP
  4. Max cash by viewing cashbook
  5. All buildings are renovated by viewing building book (since v2)
  6. Set sickness (v3)
  7. Set health (v3)
  8. Free from Prison (v3)
  9. Set Office (v3)
  10. Set Honorary Title (v3)
  11. Set Perks (v3)
  12. Steal buildings by clicking them (v4)
  13. Max professions you already have (v6)
  14. Max all professions (v6)

Earth 2150 series trainers

So I've just finished (whew!) playing through Earth 2150-Escape from the Blue Planet and the sequels, The Moon Project and Lost Souls.  As usual, as part of doing so I've written a few extra cheats into the game.